Team Küsnacht

Qualified People You Can Rely On

We all share the same passion: guiding your child to reach their full potential and thus preparing the next generation for the world of tomorrow. Your child spends a large part of their day with us. That is why we place a lot of importance on an open and trusting relationship between school and home, giving you the confidence to rely on us.

We look forward to getting to know you.

Senior Leadership

Stefan Urner

Head of School & CEO

Daniel Ng

Primary School Division Head & Deputy Head of School

Jane McTigue

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Division Head


Marc Ilgindan

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mara Eisele

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Patricia Opoku-Pollow

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant


Nadine Wassmer

Kindergarten Teacher

Heidi Harman

Kindergarten Teacher

Rima Macikunas

Kindergarten Teacher

Primary School

Anja Stelzner

Primary Teacher Grade 1 & 2

Kiana Mantel

Primary Teacher Grade 1 & 2

Jasmin Egger

Primary Teacher Grade 3 & 4

Miya Holbrook

Primary Teacher Grade 3 & 4

Simone Korolnyk

Primary Teacher Grade 5 & 6

Elizabeth Clouston

Primary Teacher Grade 5 & 6

Specialist Subject Teachers

Nicole Albani-Perquy

Primary Teacher - French

Joanna Brittain

Student Support Coordinator

Lotti Dangel

Primary Teacher - Music

Jenny Di Maio

Primary Teacher - EAL - English as additional language

Jürgen Franck

Digital Learning Coordinator & ICT Support

Meredith Horan

Primary Teacher - technical & textile design

Joanne Postma

Primary Teacher - Drama

Samuel Schoepke

Primary Teacher - PE

Day Care

Habibe Buzuku-Kukaj

School Bus Driver, Hot Lunch

Selina Camenisch

Day Care, Lunch Service Assistant, Teaching Assistant Grad 1 & 2

Mohammed Hakimi

School Bus Driver, Hot Lunch

Jennifer Jung

Day Care, Hot Lunch

Patricia Opoku-Pollow

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant, Teaching Assistant Grad 1 & 2

Ismeta Stupar

Hot Lunch

School Administration | Caretaker

Uschi Aebi

Head of Operations

Candice Mettler

School Secretary

Youssef Chakir

Caretaker & School Bus Driver