Schoolbus Küsnacht

A door-to-door school bus service allows children to get to school safely and comfortably

Children who attend Lakeside School Küsnacht have the option to take our shuttle or school bus.

All our buses are modern, comfortable, and meet the latest safety standards to ensure a pleasant and safe journey to school.

Shuttle Bus from Tiefenbrunnen and Küsnacht Train Stations

Children who come to school by public transport have access to the school's complimentary shuttle bus services from Tiefenbrunnen train station and Küsnacht train station. Every child is guaranteed a seat on this shuttle at no extra charge.

At approximately 8.45 the shuttle bus services depart from the train stations to the school and return from school to the train stations at 15.50.

A Door-to-Door Pick-up Service

Depending on where you live, school buses may also pick up your child directly from home. The routes are planned in June for the upcoming academic year in order to offer this service to as many children as possible.

We are here for you

Register your child for the school bus in Küsnacht or contact us if you have any further questions.
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