Parents' Club Küsnacht

Our open communication strengthens mutual trust

Communication between Parents, Teachers and School Management

Two representatives per class make up the Parents’ Club. They meet four to six times per academic year, with members of the senior leadership team attending the meetings regularly to foster and support the cooperation between parents and the school.

In those meetings, the Parents’ Club addresses all matters concerning the school, like the planning and carrying out of school events and the support of school projects, to name two examples.

You can voluntarily join the Parents’ Club to actively contribute towards our vibrant school life and help foster a sense of community among our  families. The Parents’ Club Küsnacht is an official association (registered club) with an annual fee of CHF 100.– per person.

Lakeside Gazette

We publish our official magazine, "Lakeside Gazette" biannually and issue it to all Lakeside School families free of charge. The Lakeside Gazette was created over 20 years ago by the Parents' Club Küsnacht. Ever since, it reports on highlights from the school year, educational news and other exciting topics about Lakeside School and its community.

Guidelines for efficient communication

To guarantee purposeful and effective communication between the school and parents, we have defined clear communication guidelines, which will aide you in directing your suggestions, concerns and questions to the appropriate person.

Concerning your child

Contact the teacher first. If your concern cannot be resolved, contact the school administration.

Regarding a

Contact the teacher or the class representative first. If your concern cannot be resolved, contact the appropriate member of the senior leadership team.

Regarding the school

Contact the school administration or the president of the Parents’ Club.

Information Exchange Opportunities

Direct contact via email or phone
Escola Information App
Individual parent-teacher conferences
School report meetings (1x per year)
School reports (Kindergarten: 1x per year / Primary School: 2x per year)
Class visits by appointment
Parent Information Evenings


What is the Parents’ Club’s function?

The school works closely with the Parents’ Club. The Parents' Club consists of two class representatives per class and meets about four times a year with a member of the Lakeside School management team. The Parents' Club supports the school at events and organises, for example, decorations or aperitifs at events. It is an important part of a strong school community.

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