Your child’s initial exposure to bilingual education with us involves playful learning and becoming accustomed to being part of a group
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Early bilingualism
Your child experiences both English and German already in pre-kindergarten. 
Fully immersive
Our pre-kindergarten teachers are German or English native speakers.
Playful learning
Playing and learning do not contradict but complement each other at this age. We place great emphasis on having fun while learning.
Supportive environment
We treat every child as an individual and support it in its wellbeing and development.

Acquiring an Additional Language from a Young Age

Our Pre-Kindergarten offers a nurturing environment where your child feels comfortable and acquires practical skills for life. We introduce all aspects of our unique bilingual curriculum in an age-appropriate manner and promote your child’s healthy development of mind and body.

Highly qualified native German and English teachers incorporate all senses into versatile activities to help your child acquire the other language in a playful manner.

Admission to Pre-Kindergarten

Nappy-free children above the age of 3 can be enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten at any time.

A Day in Pre-Kindergarten

Children must attend at least four half-days when enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten. Mornings with or without lunch and full days are possible, but single afternoons are not.

Doors open at 08.30, and the Pre-Kindergarten day begins at 08.45 in Horgen and 09.00 in Küsnacht. You can pick up your child before (11.45) or after (13.30) lunch. A full day ends at 15.45, except on Wednesday, where it ends at 12.00.

Groups consist of up to 16 children and are led by two pre-kindergarten teachers. If necessary, one assistant joins the team to provide an optimal ratio of children per staff member. The teachers are native German or English speakers but fluent in the other language as well.

Acclimatising to and spending time in a group is new for many children. We accommodate and support each child individually to quickly find its place.

The day consists of short class sequences, free play, or activities surrounding the current overarching theme. We usually work in small groups and incorporate all the children’s senses. Daily rituals give them direction and confidence, and some like to recharge during naptime.

Special Days that make Learning at Lakeside School Memorable

Once a week, we playfully explore the world through a forest morning. A weekly physical activity class enriches our curriculum — in Horgen, in our own gym hall, and in Küsnacht in the auditorium.

Events for the entire school are hosted several times throughout the year. Examples include Sports Day, the Advent Singing, the Welcome Apéro, the Easter Breakfast, or the Children's Festival, as well as project weeks.

Before and After School Care for

Outside of Pre-Kindergarten hours, you can book various before and after school care options. You can also leave your child in our care during lunch on half-days. Our Hot Lunch offer guarantees a healthy, balanced meal with local, fresh, and organic ingredients.

Our carefully selected external partners offer various after school clubs at our campus, ranging from sports such as Kung Fu and gymnastics to coding club and acting classes.

In addition, we are happy to care for your child during four weeks of the school holidays!

We are here for you

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Can I send my child to Pre-Kindergarten for only some days per week?

Yes, anything is possible between 4 half days (4 mornings or 2 full days or 1 full day and 2 mornings) and a full-time programme. Only single afternoons are not possible.

Are there entry fees?

Registration fee CHF 500.-, school fund CHF 1'000.-, deposit: 1st child CHF 2'000.-, 2nd child CHF 1'000.- from 3rd child CHF 500.-.

Is an enrolment possible at any time?

Yes, as long as your child is 3 years old and diaper-free. If your child joins during the school year, official Pre-Kindergarten begins the following year. This ensures regular entry into the school system.

Are there any language prerequisites for Pre-Kindergarten?

If your child only speaks English or only speaks German, it is possible for them to be enrolled in our Kindergarten. If your child only speaks a language other than English or German, enrolment is possible up to Kindergarten 1. Our immersive bilingual model at Kindergarten level is designed to provide a solid foundation which allows for a smooth transition into our Primary School.

How does the introduction period work?

We do not have a fixed procedure. The Pre-Kindergarten teachers discuss this directly with the parents, as each child has different needs.

Do siblings get a discount?

Yes, the second child receives a reduction of 5% on the school fees. The 3rd child or more receives a reduction of 10%.

How do bilingual classes work?

In Pre-Kindergarten, each class has one English and one German-speaking class teacher teaching together. Like in a bilingual family, children are simultaneously exposed to both languages.

Why should your child attend a bilingual Pre-Kindergarten?

A bilingual education from the early years comes with various advantages that last a lifetime. Being able to acquire both English and German like a native speaker is clearly the largest advantage. Even if a child transitions to a monolingual education system after Primary School, the acquired language stays with them for the rest of their life. Additionally, research suggests that the brain of a bilingual learner forms differently and fosters skills such as adaptability and cultural competency, allowing one to make conceptual connections more easily.

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