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Smiling Gecko

Lakeside School’s Charity Project

Smiling Gecko is a charity project in Cambodia that is breaking completely new ground. With economically and ecologically sustainable cluster projects, they pursue a holistic approach that leads to a sustainable improvement of living conditions in rural Cambodian society . The goal is to provide children and their families with a secure foundation for life, for which sustainable aid measures are essential on local level.

Smiling Gecko is dedicated to helping these people – be it in the form of direct aid or through supporting other NGOs. Smiling Gecko focuses on the areas of greatest need and helps people to help themselves through sustainable cluster projects. Of course, Lakeside School will focus on the education cluster. Please see the website for details: https://www.smilinggecko.ch/en/

We realize that numerous aid organizations need support. We have chosen Smiling Gecko as interest has been generated at Lakeside School both internally and also from a Lakeside School family who became convinced of the project when they visited Cambodia.

In the education cluster of the aid project, there is a bilingual school (English / Khmer), which has various parallels to Lakeside School making it ideal for educational cooperation. There were two points that convinced us to initiate a long-term cooperation with Smiling Gecko: sustainable and educationally beneficial for both Cambodia and Lakeside School.

Our project is running since January 2021
Pictures say more than words - enjoy watching the videos!

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Book Handover

Forest Excursions

Forest excursions are a major part of the kindergarten and lower primary curriculum. Here the children have the opportunity to study the environment and seasonal changes while focusing on working co-operatively and building team work skills.

Sports Day

A whole day dedicated to sport activities! There is nothing better than spending a day outside in the fresh air moving one’s body and challenging not only one’s physical but also mental agility.

Class Camps & Field Trips

Lakeside School knows that learning also takes place outside the classroom and therefore organizes exciting and educational field trips and excursions throughout the year. Whether it's the week-long 5th & 6th grade class camp or one-day excursions for children in kindergarten or elementary school to reinforce topics covered in class, Lakeside School is on the move!

Advent Singing

As the days grow shorter and many begin to prepare for the celebration of Christmas, our school community comes together for an Advent event. The Lakeside children bring light to the darkness as they perform holiday songs and Christmas carols. This event has taken many forms throughout the years and is a treasured event.

Science Week

A week long, in-depth exploration of scientific topics awaits Lakeside School children. From Pre-KG to Grade 6, all students engage in different scientific experiments throughout this special week. The highlight at the end, is definitely the primary grades’ presentations to fellow students and parents.

Parent Involvement

We treasure our parents and are so grateful for all they do! Throughout the school year parents are regularly invited to see what is happening in the classroom.  In addition, the Lakeside Parents' Club strengthens the strong sense of community at Lakeside School and supports the school throughout the year with many events and the organisation of aperitifs at school events. From Easter egg hunts to participating in the Horgen school's football tournament, there is never a shortage of moments to share with one another.

Lakeside School Horgen Children’s Party

Als Schulgemeinschaft Feste feiern - es gibt nichts Schöneres! Beim jährlichen Kinderfest der Lakeside School Horgen tun wir genau das! Jedes Jahr im Frühling öffnet das Schulhaus seine Türen und lädt alle ein, die Räumlichkeiten zu erkunden, die Lehrpersonen kennenzulernen, Spiele zu spielen und einfach eine gute Zeit zu haben.


What a special tradition to say goodbye to the 6th grade! On the last day of school, under the watchful eye of a mountain guide, the 6th grade students rappel down from the top floor of the school building to the schoolyard with their school notebooks, passing each of their former classrooms along the way. It's a great way to look back on the past years and prepare for the future!

Welcome Apero

Starting the school year with the traditional Welcome Apero is symbolic of the Lakeside school community. The cozy get-together with delicious treats and a welcome dance by the students offers new and existing families and teachers the opportunity to get to know each other and to chat with friends. This event is a perfect start to the school year.  

Learning for life! - Rea-Day

Lakeside school’s Basic Life-Saving day . Medical professionals conduct various workshops at the school. While the kindergarten children marvel at the ambulance parked in the schoolyard, the primary school children practice resuscitation techniques. When it comes to saving lives, everyone can do something!

Lakeside Performance

What a joy it is when Lakeside students present a theatrical performance with self-designed sets and costumes, many of which they created themselves.  For weeks, texts are learned by heart, sequences are rehearsed - as one has to rehearse presenting oneself. The excitement is always great - that's only natural. And how they beam and feel proud - our Lakeside children - when at the end they all take their final bow on stage in front of their parents and siblings to thunderous applause. These are experiences that will remain forever.

Easter Breakfast

Organized by the Parents' Club, the Easter Breakfast is a celebration of children fashioning their own imaginative, colorful Easter hats and then wearing them first at a breakfast and then presenting them in a parade afterwards. This colorful event has been a highlight of the Lakeside agenda for decades!