Hot Lunch

All children eat lunch together in a familiar environment
Registration & Fees
Safe space
Lunch takes place under the supervision of our teachers and support staff.
Balanced meals
A healthy lunch is essential for a strong, productive afternoon.
Social contacts
Having lunch together strengthens the sense of community.
Supervised play
After lunch the children enjoy a supervised break on our playground or in our private garden.

Shared Lunch for a Strong Sense of Community

Children eat in age-based groups, supervised by our teachers and support staff. Some students bring lunch from home while others benefit from our Hot Lunch offer provided by Cassis Catering.

After lunch, the children enjoy between 30 and 60 minutes playing in our private garden and on our playground. Various playground equipment and ball games encourage the children to move and exercise. Niches and quiet spaces are available as well for those desiring a quieter moment.

Our Partnership with Cassis Catering

For years we have relied on Cassis Catering to prepare and serve hot and healthy lunches to our students. Cassis Catering has ample experience when it comes to cooking for children. Their nutritious menus are made from organic and local produce, are delicious and allow for a high-energy afternoon.

As Cassis Catering states, “We use organic production methods, fresh regional products and Swiss meat from extensive farming."

We are here for you

Sign your child up online for the hot lunch offer or contact us with any additional questions.
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Who delivers our meals?

We have been working with the school caterer Cassis Catering for many years. Menus are sourced from organic fresh produce. The individual ingredients are available to the children as separately as possible and care is taken to keep sugar consumption to a minimum. In addition, special offers such as vegi or food for children with intolerances and allergies are available every day.

Is there a cancellation period for Hot Lunch?

You can change or cancel the Hot Lunch offer at any time at the end of a month with a two-month notice period.

Can I register my child for hot lunch at any time?

Registration is possible at any time for the following month. If your child forgets lunch at home, we will provide a hot lunch from the school, which will be charged individually.

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