Before and After School Day Care & Holiday Care

Outside of school hours, your child will receive full care in a child-friendly and supportive environment
Registration & Fees
Wide-ranging offer
With a range of offers, we cover most important times of the day.
Familiar environment
We provide an environment that is comfortable, safe, and familiar to your child.
Competent staff
Our staff brings years of experience and are attentive to your child's individual needs.
Biligualism is the norm
We also communicate with the children in German or English outside of lessons.

Day Care

From 07.30 until the school day begins.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
After the school day ends from 15.45 (15.30 in Küsnacht) to 17.30 or 18.30.

After school ends from 12.00 to 15.45 (15.30 in Küsnacht), 17.30 or 18.30.

Our before and after school care accounts for today’s parental needs with respect to organising family life. Our staff provide a pleasant atmosphere and give each child the attention and care it needs. Depending on the children's interests, they play independently indoors or outdoors, engage in supervised craft activities, or visit playgrounds in the neighbourhood. Living together in mutual respect is taught and encouraged.

The broad selection and booking flexibility of our Day Care offers allow you to pursue your career whilst having a partner on your side that supports you with your child’s everyday school life.

If an After School Club of 45 minutes or more is attended during the time in Day Care, a one-time lump sum (number of weeks of the internal school offer x CHF 15.-) will be deducted. Deduction requests must be made to the school office in writing and done in conjunction with the registration of the After School Club.

Childcare During the Holidays for Lakeside School Students and External Children

We are happy to offer care for your child during four school holiday weeks per year, whether they are Lakeside School students or not. Our Holiday Care team plans a variety of leisure activities according to the children’s age and group size with a focus on active, theme-based holiday experiences.

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Register your child online for after-school care (Day Care) or contact us with any additional questions.
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Can I register my child spontaneously or during the semester for Day Care?

You can easily register your child for a fixed day care schedule at any point during the academic year. In addition, it is also possible to join on an upon-demand basis whereby you can register your child at any time by phone or via email. Upon-demand bookings are CHF 20.- per hour.

What After School Clubs are offered?

Each semester, we offer a variety of After School Clubs for children. Courses are organised and provided by external third parties and provide different activities throughout the course of the week immediately following the end of the school day.

Is there a notice period to terminate Day Care enrolment

While we observe a two month notice period for cancellations to Day Care bookings, we aim to be as flexible as possible with minor changes to enrolment.

Does Lakeside School offer holiday care for children?

During four weeks of the school year, we offer holiday care. This is in the first week of autumn, sports, spring, and summer holidays. Each week is dedicated to a special theme, and 1-2 related excursions are organised.

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