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School Bus

School Bus

Way to School / School Bus

Most children come to school on the school bus; however, it is also possible to reach the school easily using public transportation.

Train station bus Service

For safety reasons, given that there is no parking available on the school grounds, it is necessary to keep private car traffic to a minimum. Therefore, train station buses have been introduced for both Tieffenbrunnen and Küsnacht stations.
The train station bus is included in the school fees. Places on the buses are guaranteed for registered children.

Individual School Bus Service

We offer some bus routes for children who want to be picked up and dropped off near home. The school strives to provide this service to as many children as possible; however, there are specified routes and limited space; therefore this service cannot be guaranteed. The bus routes are revised each June for the coming school year.

Public transport

The train stations "Küsnacht-Goldbach" and "Zollikon" are only a 10-minute walk from the school.

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