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Further Education

Depending on the potential and capabilities of the individual child, in principle, all local and international, bilingual as well as monolingual German and English secondary schools are an option for students finishing their primary education at Lakeside School as Lakeside School adheres to both the central goals of the Zurich curriculum as well as the standards of an international English curriculum.

Schooling Options after Lakeside School

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Transfer to the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (FGZ) (almost) without exams!

Lakeside School finishes at the end of primary grade 6. For Grade 7 and 8, the FGZ offers bilingual Gymnasium with Latin as well as Progymnasium without Latin.

Starting in August 2018, both Lakeside School Horgen and Küsnacht integrates a bilingual “Vorkurs 6” (VK6) as mandated by the FGZ into their Grade 6 programs. Our Grade 6 classes are comprised of both students who complete the VK6 course and also those who seek a different educational path after Grade 6 (for example public gymnasium, progymnasium FGZ, secondary school, international school, etc.).

In order to participate in the bilingual VK6 program, students must pass an entry exam in the spring of Grade 5 and maintain performance levels in Grade 6 in order to then transfer to FGZ’s bilingual gymnasium without further exams.

There have been no changes to the entry requirements to FGZ’s progymnasium program. Entry to FGZ’s progymnasium program remains unchanged and no entry exams are required.


Regulations for Admission to the Bilingual Preparatory Class following the 5th Primary School Class

Regulations for Transfer from the Bilingual Preparatory Class to the Bilingual Progymnasium  or Gymnasium


Pioneering Role

In the year 2000, Lakeside School in a joint venture with the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (FGZ) created the first bilingual middle school in Canton Zurich for the 7th and 8th grade: “Bilingual Middle School Zurich” (today it’s known as “Freies Gymnasium Zürich”).  The Bilingual Middle School offered both gymnasium and pro-gymnasium levels. With the creation of this program, Lakeside School and the Freies Gymnasium Zürich played a pioneering role in the area of bilingual education.

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