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  • Children may join our school at any time throughout the school year. 


Age: from 3 years 
Children must be dry (without nappies) when starting Lakeside School Küsnacht. Those children who join Lakeside School Küsnacht after their third birthday in the current school year, must complete that school year and then officially start their Pre-K year in the following August. Children entering their official Pre-Kindergarten year take priority over children turning three after the 31st July.  

1st Kindergarten
Age: from 4 years (birthday on or before 31st July)

2nd Kindergarten
Age: from 5 years (birthday on or before 31st July)

1st Grade
Age: from 6 years (birthday on or before 31st July)

Grade 2 - 6
Placement according to student's age, cognitive and social development as well as previous school performance.



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