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School Administration

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategic direction of the school.

Mr. Stefan Urner is responsible for the operational management, serving both as Executive Director of the Lakeside School Foundation and also as Head of School for both Lakeside School Küsnacht (since 2001) and Lakeside School Horgen (since 2012).

Ms. Christa Neukom, having joined Lakeside School Horgen in June 2006, is the Deputy Head of School and Head of Operations.

The link between the school administration and the teachers is through the Division Heads.  Taking responsibility for the pedagogical and organisational aspects of their respective levels, the Division Heads at Lakeside School Horgen are Ms. Jane McTigue for Pre-KG and Kindergarten and Mr. Peter Gilbert for Grade 1 to 6.  

Stefan Urner

Head of School and Executive Director

Stefan Urner taught for almost twenty years in public schools as a primary school teacher. In his younger years he dedicated himself to professional movement theatre. In addition to his work, he completed canton Zurich's Head of School training as well as a training course for becoming a specialist for quality development both at kindergarten and primary levels. In a canton Zürich school community that included classes from Kindergarten to Grade 9, he helped to establish one of the first school management functions. At the beginning of the 2001/02 school year, he took over the management of the Lakeside School in Küsnacht and the Executive Director of the Lakeside School Foundation. Since the 2011/2012 school year, he has also been Head of Lakeside School Horgen splitting his time between the two schools.


Christa Neukom

Head of Operations and Deputy Head of School

Christa Neukom was born and grew up in Canton Aargau. After completing an apprenticeship as a medical assistant she worked for several years with various doctors. She then travelled and worked in the USA for two years. On her return Ms. Neukom enrolled in a three year diploma of higher education course in Zurich studying tourism. Following this, she worked in areas of finance, human resources and marketing. In 2009, she completed a leadership course with additional modules on the management of company organisation, business, finance and rights. In October 2019 she completed her training as Head of School at the Pädagogischen Hochschule in Zürich. Ms. Neukom has worked at Lakeside School Horgen since 2005.

Peter Gilbert

Subject Teacher Sports, Music and ESL (English as a Second Language)

Divsion Head Primary

Peter Gilbert grew up in the heart of England and studied drama and education at the University of Warwick, gaining a BA Honours with Qualified Teaching Status. Since graduating in 2004, Mr. Gilbert has taught in small village and large city schools as well as a variety of private international schools. Since arriving in Switzerland in 2007, Mr. Gilbert has gained valuable teaching experience in bilingual and ESL education across the kindergarten and primary age range. During his teaching career, Mr. Gilbert trained as a Physical Education Link Teacher, teaching curriculum sport, organising and coaching teams, as well as coordinating with school sport leaders from other local schools. Mr. Gilbert has been teaching at Lakeside School Horgen since 2014.

Jane McTigue

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (English)

Division Head Kindergarten

Jane McTigue  grew up in the South of England. She gained her Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate at the British Council in Monza and has taught adults and children English as a Second Language (TEFL) both in Northern Italy (five years) and Switzerland (language schools, after schools clubs, playgroups). In Italy she co-founded Play English International School of Monza. Within Switzerland she gained her Bachelors degree (Psychology) and worked for several years with children with special needs (linked to Autism project KJPD, Zürich). She also co-founded Autism Kompetenz-Zentrum, Thalwil). Ms. McTigue joined Lakeside School Horgen as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher in 2009 and has been Division Head Kindergarten since 2011. In May 2020 she completed her Head of School certification at the Pädagogischen Hochschule in Zürich. As of August 2021, Ms. McTigue moved into a 100% management role, leading the Kindergarten Division for both Horgen and Küsnacht, dividing her time equally between campuses.

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