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Astrid Liendlbauer

Primary School Teacher Grade 1 & 2 (German)

Astrid Liendlbauer was born and raised in Austria.

After her initial schooling, she spent a year as an au pair in Ireland. Thereafter she completed her studies as a primary teacher at the University of Teacher Education in Linz and began her teaching career in a multi-cultural, mixed-age Grade 1-4 class at a public school on Lake Constance. From 2015-2017, she then taught Grade 1 & 2 at the German International School in Boston and then moved to Zurich. Upon her arrival in Zurich, she taught German as a subject teacher for Kindergarten to Grade 5 at an international school and from 2019 to 2022, she was a Grade 1 & 2 classroom teacher at a bilingual school grade. From August 2022 she will be part of the team at Lakeside School Horgen.

In her free time, Frau Liendlbauer enjoys hiking, practicing yoga, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Kiana Mantel

Primary School Teacher Grade 1 & 2 (English)

Kiana Mantel was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. There she obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences at Monash University. After completing this degree, a love of travel and interest in other cultures led Ms. Mantel on extensive travels predominantly throughout Asia. When she returned to Melbourne for her son to attend primary school, she set up and ran a yoga school for five years. She moved to Far North Queensland in 2006 and returned to study a Post Graduate Degree in Education at James Cook University. On completion of her studies, she taught for three years in Australia before immigrating to Switzerland. Ms. Mantel worked at another bilingual school for two year teaching Grades 1 & 2 followed by Grades 2 & 3.  Ms. Mantel joined Lakeside School Küsnacht in August 2014, teaching Grade 4 and 5 and changed to Lakeside School Horgen in August 2016.

Elfriede Folta

Primary School Teacher Grade 3 & 4 (German)

Elfriede Folta was born in northern Germany and graduated from the University of Bremen with a degree in teaching. After the internship in Bremen she took time off to bring up her two children. At the end of the 1990’s the family moved to Ghana in West Africa where she spent fourteen years working at the Swiss School in Accra. As a class teacher in primary and a subject teacher in the secondary classes, she acquired experience in all aspects of teaching, in particular in mixed age classes. Frau Folta continued to train and develop with various courses. In 2009, she was involved in a restructuring of the German-Swiss cooperation school and their bilingual project. She loves teaching multicultural children and working in an international teaching team and was pleased to be able to continue in such an environment when she joined Lakeside School Horgen in 2011. From 2011 to 2022 she taught Grade 5 & 6 and in August 2022 switched to teaching Grade 3 & 4.

Brenda Reimann

Primary School Teacher Grade 3 & 4 (English)

Brenda Reimann comes from Colorado, USA and holds honors degrees in both business administration and primary education. She has 18 years of teaching experience in all levels from Kindergarten through Grade 6. Her journey in education began in 2000 at Munich International School. Following this experience, she taught in Colorado from 2001-2007 and relocated to Switzerland in 2008. Ms. Reimann has been employed in bilingual education since 2009 and has leadership experience as a team leader and mentor. Ms. Reimann joined Lakeside School Horgen in August 2017.

Ramona Ruoss

Primary School Teacher Grade 5 & 6 (German) 

Ramona Ruoss was born and raised in the canton of Schwyz. Upon completing her compulsory education, she studied commercial training obtaining a professional baccalaureate.

After a few years in the commercial field gaining valuable experience, she then pursued her dream of becoming a primary school teacher. She completed her studies at the University of Teacher Education in Schwyz earning her bachelor's degree with a major in English. She than began working at a bilingual school in the canton of Schwyz, where she first taught Grade 5 before moving to lower primary.

From August 2022, she will be a classroom teacher at Lakeside School in Horgen.

Abdul Shaikh

Primary School Teacher Grade 5 & 6 (English)

Abdul Shaikh was born and raised in Leeds (UK) United Kingdom. He studied Accounting and Finance at the University of Leeds and worked for Lloyds Banking Group. After that, he decided to make a career change and started teaching English as a foreign language at language schools and universities in Poland and China. Due to his passion for learning languages, he then earned a Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from Queen Mary University in London. Following that, Mr. Shaikh then moved to Switzerland where he worked at a Montessori school, which sparked his interest in working with children. To pursue this career, he returned to England for two years, where he completed a Postgraduate Certificate of Education at Newcastle University and worked at a primary school as a Year 6 teacher. In order to settle down with his wife, he then moved back to Switzerland to teach at a bilingual school as a classroom teacher, where he taught grades 1 and 2. At the same time, he acquired the full Swiss recognition of his teaching diploma at the University of Teacher Education St. Gallen with a small supplementary study. Mr. Shaikh will be working at Lakeside School in Horgen from August 2022.   

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