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Karen Buck

Kindergarten Teacher (English)

Karen Buck was born and educated in Scotland, obtaining her SNNEB certification in 1988. Seeking a new challenge, Karen headed to Paris in 1988 where she discovered her twin passions of educating children and foreign travel. Two years later, Mrs Buck moved on to the European quarter of Brussels where she met her husband. Traveling and working in various European countries, Mrs Buck gained extensive experience by teaching in international schools in Brussels, Frankfurt, and Luxembourg. In 2014, Mrs Buck and her husband settled in Horgen where she has successfully taught a wide range of both children and adults with varying needs and goals. She joined Lakeside School, in 2020, as a grade 1-5 substitute teacher and is now providing regular cover in the kindergarten team.

Madlen Burghart

Kindergarten Teacher (German)

Madlen Burghart comes from Freiburg in Breisgau where she spent three years studying ‘Social Pedagogy’. After an internship at a sport kindergarten, she completed her studies  to become a qualified kindergarten teacher. After working in a nursery school in Freiburg for one and half years, Frau Burghart moved to Zurich in September 2010 and where she started first as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher Lakeside School Horgen and moved to teaching kindergarten in August 2022.

Sabrina Fanjic

Kindergarten Teacher (German) - 2021/2022 School Year

Sabrina Franjic has German roots, comes from Lake Constance. After gaining valuable experience in business, she decided to follow her passion and studied childhood education. She successfully completed her Bachelor degree at the University of Education in Weingarten (Germany).

Since 2011, she was able to gain various experiences working with children and adolescents in the field of social pedagogical care as well as teaching. In 2018, Frau Franjic left Germany and went on a year long language and cultural trip. Upon her return to the heart of Zurich she worked for a year as a kindergarten teacher in a bilingual school. In 2020 Frau Franjic joined the pre-kindergarten team at Lakeside Küsnacht and in August 2022 she will join Lakeside School Horgen’s kindergarten team.

Regula Grubenmann

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (German)

Regula Grubenmann grew up in Kilchberg and completed her training as a childcare specialist in 1997. She then worked for many years in child care centers and during this time acquired the instructor course to train apprentices. She additionally completed child care center management training and assumed that function as well.

Before Frau Grubenmann took family leave in 2010, she had worked at Lakeside School Horgen and established our Pre-KG program together with Ms. McTigue. During her maternity leave, Frau Grubenmann continued to substitute and/or assist with our holiday care here at Lakeside School.

In 2018, Frau Grubenmann established her own playgroup and completed her training as an evolutionary educator. She is looking forward to re-joining Lakeside School Horgen as of summer 2022 to teach in the Pre-Kindergarten.

Sue Huber

Kindergarten Teacher (English)

Sue Huber grew up in England but has lived for many years in Switzerland with her Swiss husband. Having gained a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of London, Ms. Huber taught in England, Australia, and at the International School of Basel where she specialized in the development of English as a second language. For the past fifteen years she has worked in bilingual kindergarten education and for the first five years at her previous school she was responsible for establishing and developing the kindergarten department along with a Swiss partner teacher. Ms. Huber very much appreciates the playful, imaginative ways of young children and their enthusiasm for learning. She started working at Lakeside School Horgen in August 2016.


Andrea Köhler

Kindergarten Teacher (English)

Andrea Köhler studied Psychology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and worked for five years in assessment and treatment homes for troubled teens. Desiring to travel, she became a certified TESOL teacher (teaching English as a second language) and landed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where she taught in a bilingual kindergarten for two years. After coming to Switzerland, she also worked at ZIS (Zurich International School in Wädenswil) in kindergarten for two years. There, she was able to complete an internship and be certified as a Kindergarten/Primary Education teacher from the College of New Jersey. After taking a four year break for her family, and has been working at Lakeside School Horgen since 2009 in kindergarten.

Cathy Long

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (English)

Cathy Long moved from England to live in Switzerland with her family in 2008. She has always worked with children and young people and founded and managed the Warwickshire Young Carer's Project for many years. The project managed the establishment of a young carer's project with initial social services funding to support children aged 8 - 18 years with long term social and health problems. Ms. Long has a first class honours degree in Health and Social Care and a Masters in Education. She joined Lakeside School in January 2013 assisting Pre-Kindergarten and in August 2020 she moved into the role as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher.

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