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Day Care / KG Assistants

Cristiana Contu

Day Care / Class Assitant Grade 1

Cristiana Contu grew-up in Horgen. She completed her Matura at the Atelier Schule Zurich in 2015, and is currently studying Art History and Photography at the University of Zurich. In 2013, she worked with special needs children at a school in Nepal  and since that time has continually worked with children. Beginning in 2017, she began helping out with Holiday Care. As of the 2018/2019 school year she works part time as an Assistant in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Grade 1 and is also part of the Day Care team.

Daniela Contu

Day Care / Hot Lunch / Pre-KG + KG Assistant

Daniela Contu grew up in Horgen. She gained her first experience working with children as an Aupair in Switzerland and also during her time in England. She finished her studies in early childhood education while working as a group leader at the Berhalden child care center where she was employed until the birth of her first daughter. Thereafter, Frau Contu continued helping at the child care center and also worked as a day mother. In 1999, she established a play group and lunch care program in a private school. Frau Contu has been with Lakeside School Horgen since August 2016.

Ildiko Eaton

Day Care

Ildiko Eaton grew up mostly in Wädenswil but also spent tim in in Vienna. She also lived in the USA for four years where she worked at her daughter's school providing after school care, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Since her return to Switzerland, she has been volunteering in the Ludothek, assisting at group therapies in a home for elderly people and offering German conversation in individual settings. In the school year 2018/19 Ms. Eaton took worked at a public school in Rüschlikon a subsitute caring for children over lunch time. Ms. Eaton has been a member of the Lakeside School Horgen team since January 2020.


Regula Eigenmann

Day Care / Hot Lunch / Kindergarten Assistant

Regula Eigenmann grew up in Wädenswil and has lived with her family in Adliswil since the beginning of 2013. She spent her apprenticeship and professional years in the interior decoration industry. She improved her English in various language stays such as Australia, Canada and Malta. After the birth of her first son was born in 2011, she realized that she wanted to work with children so she founded a toddler group and later took over the mother-child gymnastics in Adliswil. Ms Eigenmann joined the Day Care team in March 2019.

Caroline Gibson

Day Care / Hot Lunch / Kindergarten Assistant

Caroline Gibson was raised in England by her English father and Swiss mother. After initially training to be a nurse, she changed career paths and trained as a Montessori teacher for pre-primary children and went on to work in a bilingual school in Paris. Ms Gibson moved to Zurich in 1996 with her English husband and three sons. Before joining Lakeside School Horgen in August 2011 she taught English privately to children and worked in a nursing home for handicapped people.

Cathy Long

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant

Cathy Long moved from England to live in Switzerland with her family in 2008. She has always worked with children and young people and founded and managed the Warwickshire Young Carer's Project for many years. The project managed the establishment of a young carer's project with initial social services funding to support children aged 8 - 18 years with long term social and health problems. Ms. Long has a first class honours degree in Health and Social Care and a Masters in Education. She joined Lakeside School in January 2013.

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