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Bilingual Curriculum

Children’s successful bilingual education is the overarching goal of all our school’s efforts.

Bilingual Curriculum
The teaching is based on the public school curriculum combining this with impulses from various international curricula thus creating a bilingual program particular to the Lakeside School.

Our bilingual programme is not limited to listening and speaking but also includes challenging requirements in reading and writing. The competences in the first language are thereby enriched rather than compromised.

As a state- approved school, under the supervision of the Canton of Zurich, the Lakeside School meets the requirements and objectives of the public Zurich curriculum “Lehrplan 21” in all grades. The English curriculum does not just refer to the curriculum of a particular country or that of international schools. The combination of elements from different Anglo-Saxon curricula ("International Standards ") shapes our English teaching program and has developed in combination with the local curriculum our unique bilingual curriculum.

The principle of immersion teaching means that both German and English are not solely “language courses” but instead are the languages of instruction in all subjects taught (with equal attention given to both language per subject), such as mathematics, geography, etc. Our exclusively German or English native speaking teachers result in not only additional language skills and knowledge for our children but also provides different cultural experiences.




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