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(From left to right):  Ralph Zimmermann , Prof. Dr med. Michael von Aster, Dr. iur. Nedim Peter Vogt (President), lic. iur. Annaïg Vogt, Daniel Shashoua (von links nach rechts)

The board of trustees is the responsible for the strategic and fundamental objecitves of the school.

The President, Dr. iur. Nedim Peter Vogt, as well as Professor Dr. med M. von Aster were among the founders of the Lakeisde School Foundation in 1996 and therefore were also responsible in establishing Lakeside School Küsnacht. In the spring of 2017, following the resignation of a few long standing members, the board of trustees was revised placing the foundation and schools into new hands.

Mr. Stefan Urner is responsible for the operational management, serving both as Managing Director of the Lakeside School Foundation and also as Head of School for both Lakeside School Küsnacht (since 2001) and Lakeside School Horgen (since 2012).

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