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Lakeside School Zürichsee

Interested parents are welcome to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. 
Horgen: horgen@lakesideschool.ch / +41 43 244 00 70
Küsnacht: kuesnacht@lakesideschool.ch / +41 44 914 20 50

Welcome to our private, bilingual day schools located on Lake Zurich. Our qualified teachers and care-givers look forward to accompanying your 3-12 year old child(ren) on their educational path and challenging all their senses in the classroom. Officially recognised by the Zurich cantonal school authorities, our unique bilingual curriculum combines the learning objectives of the local curriculum (Lehrplan 21) with that of international schools thereby opening up a new world to children, which they can share with their day school friends.

In contrast to international schools we, as a bilingual school, are allowed to accept local families without any restrictions.

Our schools, like the children who attend, are unique due to their individual history.

We look forward to getting to know you and your children. Interested parents are very welcome for an individual visit. 


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Pre-Kindergarten as of 3 years

Morning and/or full-day sessions possible
in an inviting atmosphere with a beautiful garden
to explore and enjoy
Entry is possible throughout the year!



Holiday Care

First week of the autumn, sports, spring and summer holidays.
Lakeside children and children from other schools
are very welcome!

News Foundation 

Transfer to the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (FGZ) (almost) without exams!

Lakeside School finishes at the end of primary Grade 6. For Grade 7 and 8, the FGZ offers bilingual Gymnasium with Latin as well as Progymnasium without Latin.

     Horgen: After Lakeside School                                                          Küsnacht: After Lakeside School


Smiling Gecko Collaboration

Lakeside School has a long standing relationship with Smiling Gecko in support of their bilingual school in Cambodia. Learn more here.

Lakeside School Horgen

Lakeside School Horgen
Alte Landstrasse 33-35
CH-8810 Horgen
Tel: +41 43 244 00 70
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Lakeside School Zürichsee
Lakeside School Küsnacht

Lakeside School Küsnacht
Seestrasse 5
CH-8700 Küsnacht
Tel: +41 44 914 20 50
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