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Mara Eisele

Pre-Kindergarten English

Mara Eisele was born and raised mostly in Manila, Philippines. She also spent 5 years of Middle School and Highschool at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines, with a BA in Social Sciences and a post-graduate degree in Early Childhood Development. Her 14-year teaching career began in different international preschools in Manila, Zurich and Hong Kong. Then, the family moved to Tokyo, Japan, where she had her two active boys and became a full-time mom for 5 years. When she returned to Switzerland she opened up her own playgroup in Horgen and also worked at a local “Krippe” as the English Woods Playgroup Leader. She has also worked as a Coding Teacher in various Primary Schools in Sydney, Australia for 3 years. She continues to teach coding online to students all over the world. It is evident that she has a love for teaching, especially young children. It gives her great pleasure in helping them develop a love for learning. She returned to Zurich with her boys and joined Lakeside School Küsnacht in March 2021.

Sarah Houlston


Pre-Kindergarten Englisch 

Sarah Houlston is an Early Years Professional from the South East of England. On completing her BTEC in Early years in 2002, Sarah went on to work in variety of Early Years establishments. In 2011 Sarah was awarded her Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Early Childhood Studies at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, UK and in 2012 gained Early Years Professional Status. Sarah managed a special needs nursery and day nursery setting before coming to live in Switzerland in 2014. Since relocating to Switzerland she has been working as a Kindergarten teacher in a bilingual provision, gaining valuable professional development in a bilingual system. Sarah Houlston joined Lakeside School in 2017.

Marc Ildingan


Pre-Kindergarten Deutsch 

Marc Ilgindan ist im Zürcher Oberland aufgewachsen. Seine Ausbildung hat er als Fachmann Betreuung Kind an einer bilingualen Schule abgeschlossen. Insgesamt hat er 7 Jahre Berufserfahrungen mit der Arbeit mit Kindern im Alter zwischen 3 Monaten und 13 Jahren. 

Auch arbeitete er oft privat als Nanny oder Babysitter in Familien. Seine Wurzeln hat er in Sizilien und Thailand. In seiner Freizeit ist er viel mit Calisthenics (diverse akrobatische Übungen) und Musik beschäftigt. Ausserdem verbringt er viel Zeit draussen mit seinem Hund.

Patricia Pollow


Pre-Kindergarten Assistentin

Patricia Pollow was born and raised in Tema, Ghana. She studied marketing at the Institute of management studies Accra. When she moved to Switzerland, she worked and enrolled as a distant student with the Chartered Institute of Marketing(CIM UK) where she acquired a professional certificate in marketing. She taught voluntarily at a Sunday school class for a few years and recognized her passion for teaching and assisting pupils. Patricia is a certified teaching assistant and trained at Foundation for Learning Zürich. She worked at Campus Zollikerberg (secondary level), Inter-Community School (primary level) and SIS Wolishofen supporting students with learning challenges and assisting teachers with classroom activities/supervision. She is experienced and skilled in the bilingual schools' settings. She is married and enjoys reading, hiking and writing songs. Patricia Pollow joined Lakeside school Team in August 2017.

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