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The Parents’ Club at the Lakeside School Küsnacht was founded on 23rd September 1997. Its main aim is to promote the well-being of the school’s children. To achieve this goal we encourage regular contact and constructive dialogue between the parents, the teachers and school management.  In order to strengthen the school community we organize school events, promote the contact and exchange of experiences between parents and with the school management, raise funds for the school’s needs or other specific purposes related to our children or children in general which enrich the school life. If necessary, the Parents’ Club also organizes “fund raising” for specific school projects or items related to the needs of the children.   Together with the School Management, the Parents’ Club publishes the school’s regular newsletter "the Lakeside Gazette".

Lakeside Küsnacht Parents’ Club membership is voluntary; however virtually all parents are members.  (Annual membership dues approximately CHF 100.--/year).

The Parents’ Club board consists of two class representatives (the "Class Representatives") per class. Management of the Parents’ Club historically has been carried out by two Co-Presidents. The Board meets approximately five to six times per year to share with the school management current issues, to discuss upcoming events and to decide and organize pending projects. The Head of School regularly participates in the meetings of the Parents’ Club thereby providing optimal coordination between the parents and school.

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