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Before & After School Care

Before & After School Care

Our additional ‘Day Care’ programme is available as follows:

  • Daily before school:

=> from 07.30 to school start at 08.30

  • Daily after school:

           - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

=> from 15.30 to 17.30 or 18.30 

- Wednesday (with lunch)

=> from 12.00 to 13.30 or 15.30 or 17.30 or 18.30

 Day Care can be booked either as regular fixed or one-off sessions or both according to your needs.

We have deliberately chosen a ‘family-leisure model’. The staff in Day Care provide a caring and pleasant atmosphere, giving the children the care and attention they need – a home from home. Activities include an afternoon snack break, free-play indoors or outdoors, art and crafts, stories, games and other activities, outings… according to the wishes of the children. Older children also have a quiet space to do their homework.

In addition to the Day Care programme, there are a limited number of After-school activities available each semester.

Day Care Offer

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