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A school that enjoys a good conversation

The Lakeside School possesses a clearly defined concept while remaining religiously neutral and is therefore not bound by any particular ideology. Due to this, we have a broad outlook and time to reflect and exchange ideas.

Active and transparent communication between school and parents strengthen mutual trust.

The Head of School and teachers are involved in a constant learning process and are open to consider the viewpoints of parents and children, and therefore expect the same in return from the parents. Parents have the ultimate responsibility for decisions concerning their children while decisions regarding curriculum and school rules are the responsibility of the school.
The parents have defined responsibilities within the school structure allowing them to create and contribute to the family atmosphere of the school.

Communicating and cooperating with Lakeside School should be fast, efficient and effective. To make this possible it is important that parents address their requests, questions and inputs to the right person(s) where they can be properly dealt with:


  • The individual child:      Parents to Teachers
  • The individual class:     Class Representatives to Class Teachers
  • The entire school:         Parents' Club President to Head of School


Information exchange options with teachers

  • Direct email contact with the teacher
  • Individual parent talks as needed
  • School report discussions (1x/year)
  • School reports (Kindergarten:  1x/year // Primary School:  2x/year)
  • Classroom visit (please schedule an appointment in advance)
  • Parents’ Evenings

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