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School House & Infrastructure

There is a kindergarten class on every floor of our Kindergarten House.  The Kindergarten House has a special charm as it is partially designated as a protected building. In 2014, in order to make it suitable for kindergarten, the building was renovated. On each floor there are rooms of various sizes, a kitchen and restrooms. A beautiful enclosed garden complete with playground equipment also invites the children to play and explore.

Our main building offers bright and spacious classrooms for primary grades 1 to 6 In addition, we offer smaller rooms for group work where computers are also available.

Drama, music, handicrafts and learning support have their own individual classrooms. In addition all of our students as of kindergarten make use of our own on-site gym hall, which is quite unique for a small private school to be able to offer.

Students use both our in-house English library and the local public German library which is located near the school.

For the optional day care, we make use of a specially equipped room, the playground and the gym hall.

The playground has the ability to be partially covered as needed and offers numerous opportunities to support the children’s play and movement.


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