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History of Küsnacht and Horgen Schools

1996: The Lakeside School Foundation, through the establishment of the Lakeside School Küsnacht, founds one of the first bilingual schools in the Zürich region.

2000: The Lakeside School Foundation, together with the Freies Gymnasium Zürich (FGZ), found the first bilingual middle school "Bilingual Middle School Zurich" which is the start of our bilingual way program from pre-school to the bilingual Swiss Matura.

2001: Ms. C. Frey and Ms. M. Schreiner, two of the Lakeside School Foundation board members, found TAZ Horgen ("Zweisprachige Tagesschule Zimmerberg AG", later "TAZ Horgen Zweisprachige Tagesschule AG" or "TAZ Horgen Bilingual Day School"). They resign their positions as Lakeside School Foundation board members.

Mr. Urner becomes board member and Head of School, Lakeside School Küsnacht.

2008: FGZ's bilingual middle school expands: two new bilingual departments with two different levels are offered - a "gymnasial" class with Latin and "progymnasial" class without Latin.

2012: As of 1 February 2012, TAZ Horgen Bilingual Day School is integrated into the Lakeside School Foundation. Ms. C. Frey returns as board member to the Lakeside School Foundation.

Mr. S. Urner resigns his position as board member and is appointed Head of School for both Lakeside School Küsnacht and TAZ Horgen.

The integration of TAZ Horgen Bilingual School into the Lakeside School Foundation closes a circle. With this step the Foundation achieves, among its objectives, a strengthening of the bilingual way with the Freies Gymnasium Zurich (FGZ).

2013: TAZ Horgen is renamed Lakeside School Horgen and will become a part of the Lakeside School Foundation and FGZ's bilingual way.

2017:  Two of the founding board members, André Schreiner and Corinne Frey, along with Bruno Steiner resign from the board. Annaig Vogt, lic.iur., who also attended Lakeside School Küsnacht and Ralph Zimmerman and Daniel Shashoua join the board.

The Freies Gymnasium Zurich (FGZ) received permission by Kanton Zurich's educational department to newly integrate the Vorkurs 6 (VK6). Students who pass the VK6 entry exam in the spring of Grade 5 and who continue to maintain performance levels in Grade 6 may transfer to FGZ’s bilingual Gymnasium without further exams.

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